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Cleanliness is ensured here

In our own tank cleaning facilities in Bargen and Duisburg, our employees take care of the thorough and residue-free interior cleaning of containers and tank trailers as well as the exterior cleaning of equipment. Not only our own equipment is cleaned, but also external companies regularly visit us for interior and exterior cleaning. Our tank cleaning employees are therefore in constant contact with a wide variety of drivers and are happy to assist and advice tank cleaning customers.

Small repairs around the tank such as the replacement of seals and the leak test (vacuum test) are also carried out in our tank cleaning department in order to prepare the tank for the next loading. Due to the reason that there are many safety and cleaning regulations in this area, the work in tank cleaning is demanding and characterized by regularly held training sessions.

If you would like to join our tank cleaning team, you should enjoy working with people and have a good sense of quality and safety.

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