Our company philosophy

Anhalt, the name stands for tradition, present and future.

Our success and our consistency are defined by acting goal-oriented and responsibly as well as constantly striving for 1A quality.

In our company everyone is a part of the big family. Friendliness, reliability, and fun create a very good atmosphere and strengthen the team spirit.

Safety is a fundamental requirement for us in all areas.

Being highly flexible, we are up to every logistical challenge – we share a passion for logistics!

Honesty and responsible conduct go without saying for us and are an integral part of our corporate culture.

Our corporate values

The following values represent the core of our family business:

  • Safety
  • Success
  • Attentiveness
  • Cooperation
  • Honesty
  • Flexibility

Sustainability & 1A-Quality


We bear responsibility for nature and the environment

Social responsibility

People are at the centre


The future of our logistics company

We are currently certified for our logistical transport and tank cleaning services and are happy to comply with our reporting obligations.

We provide high-quality logistics services and promote the responsible and sustainable treatment of the environment and people so that the needs of future generations are also ensured. To this end, for example, we are shifting a large number of our transports from road to environmentally friendly rail alternatives in order to sustainably reduce the CO2 emissions of our fleet.


With our quality management we ensure that

  • processes are optimised and documented.
  • legal requirements are complied with.
  • we meet our 1A-quality standards.
  • we can respond to the individual wishes and needs of our customers.
  • we are constantly developing and improving.